Recommended Books

Looking to enhance your money smarts? Here are some books to help you get started:

“The Millionaire Mind” (Thomas J. Stanley)

The author takes a look at the behaviors and beliefs of some of the richest people in America to know exactly how they’re able to build a massive amount of wealth. In particular, the best-selling book explores things like the role of religion in their lives, how they were educated, the traits of their spouse, and how they react to negative feedback.

“How to Make Your Money Last: The Indispensable Retirement Guide” (Jane Bryant Quinn)

How can you make your retirement fund last in your older age? This book provides some tricks to stretch out your money for many more years, like how much to withdraw from your retirement savings each year. The hidden values in the Social Security account, choosing where to get your pension in a lump sum or as a monthly income, and more.

“Women & Money” (Suze Orman)

Women face a unique set of financial challenges, and this revolutionary book aims to empower them to make solid decisions about their money. At the core of the book is a five-month program that helps women achieve long-term financial freedom.

“Make Your Kid a Money Genius (Even If You’re Not): A Parent’s Guide For Kids” (Beth Kobliner)

Wise money management must start at home. This book is a handy manual for parents who want to make their children money smart in their early age (3 to 23 years old). It comes with detailed steps on teaching kids about saving money.