How I Financed my Golf Gear

All along my golfing journey I have bought and sold several golf clubs. Let’s be honest – the best golf clubs are expensive indeed. But that doesn’t mean that you should settle down with the cheaper low-quality clubs. If you are like me, someone who frequently takes part in golf competitions then you would definitely need the best set of golf clubs. Imagine having a competition lined up and you need some tour ready clubs. What do you do when you do not have ready cash available at hand to purchase those clubs? Here are some ways in which I have managed to arrange for the funds for buying my clubs-

  1. Credit card

This is the simplest way to follow and nearly everyone can do this. Use your credit card to convert the purchase amount into easy installments so as to postpone the expense.

  1. Find a store that offers financing options

There are plenty of online and physical retailers who offer financing options. You can buy the golf gear and pay later in installments. Compare the interest rate charged and other fees, if any.

  1. Reselling

Reselling your old gear, clubs you do not use anymore can give you funds to buy new equipment. Also if you check out some of the credible used golf gear sellers you can find some great deals on the best clubs. It is easy to sell old golf clubs as long as you maintain them well.

It is not just golf clubs that you would need there are other golfing gear like rangefinders as well. For all types of golfing gear, you can follow similar methods to make sure that you do not miss a good deal when it comes by. Visit pickyourrangefinder website to find reviews and to compare the prices and pick the best rangefinders for golf.