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Video Metrics That Matter The Most

When you upload videos online be it on YouTube or other video sharing platforms, there are several metrics that matter. We often talk only about the number of views. Indeed this is one of the most targeted metrics. But there are other parameters that should be measured as well. Evaluating these parameters would help you understand your progress.


When a viewer stumbles upon your video accidently, the very thing that catches his attention would be the number of views. Getting more views for your videos is now a very simple task. There are online services that allow you to purchase views easily. It would be a simple way for you to obtain safe views from services like this.

  1. Watching time:

Next attribute to look at is the watch time. It is an evident fact that viewers would watch a video for longer only if the content is pretty good. YouTube and other popular sites would consider this as an important metric when it comes to ranking of videos. So if you have an engaging content that would cause your viewers to view it fully you have a higher probability of ranking well. Better ranks mean better reach as well.

  1. Relevancy of the content:

This is measured by the parameter that is called the subscriber velocity. This shows the number of subscribers that watched the video within 48 hours after it was uploaded. Your subscribers would watch the content if they find it relevant. If this parameter is good, then your video would pop up in the recommendation list along with similar videos. This would fetch more number of views.

The more the number of suggested videos you are able to link to the current videos, the better would the rank be. Look into the conversions as well. A cumulative analysis of all these factors would help you continuously improve your video strategies.