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Will the Government Help Pay for My Family Funeral Costs?

For many people who pay for their funeral costs there is no need for assistance but for some the financial burden of the funeral services is too much to try and afford to pay, which is why seeking government assistance is the only way to pay for their funeral.

For low income families who need help to pay for a funeral there is eligibility criteria for assistance to be paid through the government. Sometimes there are options to help pay back through loans or by using the deceased estate, which might not have been an option thought of at first.

Funeral Costs: What You’ll Get from the Government

Some financial assistance helps in time when preparing for a funeral. The government have a way of assisting through several schemes depending on your circumstances. They can help with:

  • Financial assistance of up to £700 for funeral expenses, which include everything from flowers, coffin and funeral director expenses.
  • Moving the body to and from, up to 50 miles from the place of rest.
  • Certificates and essential documents.
  • Burial fees and plots for burial, which are associated with exclusive rights.
  • Cremation costs

How Is the Money Paid for the Funeral Costs?

There are two sets of circumstances for receiving the money awarded by the government. Firstly, if the funeral costs have already been paid and this is a back payment then the credit will go into your bank directly or the credit union account. Alternatively, the funeral directors will be paid directly, if they have not yet received payment. The is somewhere that offers advice for those who have recently lost a family member and need financial advice when arranging a funeral.

Criteria for Being Eligible for Financial Assistance

In order to receive any monetary assistance for the funeral arrangements and costs there is some strict criteria that needs to be in place being awarded payment.

  • Funeral is in the UK, Switzerland and European Economic Area EEA
  • The guidelines for the deceased and the relationship you had meet the rules

Are in receipt of benefits or some form of tax credits