Affordable Ways To Detox Before A Drug Test

Whether you are an athlete or an employee of an investment banking company, you have to pass the drug test.And for that, you need to know the quickest way to detox.

Drug tests are an important part of the process of employment and thus you need to know how to detox before a drug test. You also need to know how to detox without spending a lot of money.

Your biggest bet is to pass the test and the good news is that with the right detox drink it is easy to pass the drug test without spending a bomb.

If you are looking for an affordable way to detox then you should have the detox drinks that help to clear out the THC from the system.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is used to detox and is also very commonly used. This is because it has acidic properties and helps to flush out the system. This is similar to the way you rub alcohol in order to remove the tough stains and grease.

You do not have to drink a whole glass of the lemon juice and nor do you have to spend hours making lemon juice before your drug test. All that you need to do is to mix one tablespoon of lemon juice toa glass with 16oz of water. Just drink it slowly to detox.

You can have as many glasses of lemon juice as you want. Just ensure that you keep the lemon juice to water ratio in mind. Drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of this drink before the drug test. You can pre-prepare them so that it is handy. Sit back and relax and keep sipping on the lemon drink.

This is a very affordable way that will help you detox and pass your drug test.